"Join the fandom", they said. "It'll be fun", they said. "Your feels won't take over your life", they said. "It's ok to stan morons", they said. "WHERE THE FUCK DID MY SANITY AND MONEY GO?", I said. ~ by Leya Dela Cruz.
  • Day 15 - Your bias on his/her birthday.
    Ahjussi ♥

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    ♦ Fah. 86 line. Brazilian.

    ♦ ELF. VIP. Jaywalker.

    ♦ Super Junior. Big Bang. Jay Park. Block B. B1A4. TROY. MBLAQ. M.I.B. Khalil Fong. Primary. Dynamic Duo. Zion T. Dok2.

    ♦ KangIn. EunHyuk. Henry Lau. T.O.P. Jay Park. TaeIl. Kyung. HamBaro. Bumkey. Lee Jaewoong. Lee Joon. YoungCream. YongHwa.